Boost your localization
speed up to 2X

Cloud based translation management system with
rich translation memories.


Project Management

Manage your translation projects on MarsEditor and get exciting features to increase your productivity.

Online Translation Editor

Enjoy the strength of any CAT tool available on desktop over the internet. MarsEditor will provide auto spell-check, quality check and many more.

File Analysis

Upload your file and download TMX file with all fuzzy matches found from our translation memory.

Machine Translation

Get suggestions from world’s best machine translation like Google, Bing, Baidu and Mars.


Creating a comprehensive translation glossary that includes industry and company-specific terms and phrases will help reduce costs and helps to deliver on time.

Translation Memory Management

Upload your own translation memories as well as get high number of exact and fuzzy matches from our big pool oftranslation units.

Why MarsEditor?

Save Cost

Translate more in less time, save license fees for CAT tools.

More Clients

Never say no to your customers, manage better and deliver high quality translation.

2x Translation

Get exact matches, fuzzy matches and assistance from machine translation boost your hourly output.


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